Vanishing nightmares of conflict-affected children

Years of conflict brings deeply sorrow among the children in Aceh. They learn to break the fears through traditional art performance.

Did you recognize the men in the uniform, buddy?
Have you recognize any men in the uniform, buddy?

DEDI Marlansyah’s (16) cheeks strained as he played a traditional flute called Seurune Kalee. His fingers moved from one small hole to another on the Serune stick. The flute’s wail was followed by a steady beat from the Rapa’i, a traditional tambourine. Fahrul Razi (14) and two other boys who sat next Marlansyah played the Rapa’i. They sat with legs crossed on a wide blue canvas at Lam Kunyet ex-emergency elementary school yard, rehabilitated by a UN agency.

Shortly after, ranks of young girls came from five directions, moving towards the canvas. They formed a letter ‘V’. Their hands and legs moved together beautifully. They followed the Serunee’s wail and Rapa’i’s rhythm.

“Stop… Stop! Let’s repeat!” Yusfarli (26) shouted suddenly. Continue reading “Vanishing nightmares of conflict-affected children”