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Wave of anger against corruption

HUNDREDS of people flocked at Hotel of Indonesia traffic circle (Jalan Bundaran HI) to commemorate International Anticorruption Day on Dec. 9, 2009. They brought posters, distributed newsletter, and expressed their anger toward President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono which is considered protecting corruptor, including lawmaker and government elite who alleged to use state budget for their interest. The people used the moment to force national government in eradicating mass corruption in the country. (Watch the above video)


Ethical Dilemma in Covering Conflict

HOW does journalist convey a truth in conflict zone? Which one do they prefer to, telling the truth due in part of their first duty or obscuring it for the sake of those whose lives are threatened under perilous circumstances?

An old photograph of Dutch army in West Aceh.

No doubt truth is the paramount of journalism principle (Kovach and Rosenstiel, 2002). However, stumbling upon such dilemma is always painful. In certain occasion, it is often requiring thoughtful ethical considerations prior to come to ultimate decision.

For the journalists in conflict zone, employing ethical principles is hardly ever black or white. Instead of promoting conflict resolution, the journalist report could make matters worse and ignite another conflict. Thus, there are no absolutes in the ethics of conflict coverage as it has to be depended on the critical considerations and other priorities. And in particular, “it has to be shaped by changing contexts” (Ninan, 2009). Continue reading “Ethical Dilemma in Covering Conflict”